All The Dogs In Starfield Are (Probably) Dead, And That's Too Sad


For centuries, humanity has looked at the stars and wondered if they'll be able to take their beloved pooch with them, and finally, Starfield has a (depressing) answer to that age-old question: No. With hundreds of planets to explore, not a single one of these celestial bodies contain humankind's best friend. What happened to all of those faithful canines? Extinction, by the sound of things.

Twitter/X account Can You Pet the Dog broke the terrible news, confirming that at the very least, Labrador retrievers no longer exist in the Starfield universe. "Though they are featured in Starfield's concept art, pets do not appear to be present in the full game," the account posted. "Furthermore, an item description indicates that Labrador retrievers--and possibly all dogs--have gone extinct."

Though they are featured in Starfield’s concept art, pets do not appear to be present in the full game. Furthermore, an item description indicates that Labrador Retrievers — and possibly all dogs — have gone extinct.

— Can You Pet the Dog? (@CanYouPetTheDog) September 2, 2023

The item in question, a Centauri Mills chocolate, comes with terrible flavor text that mentions that the treat is shaped like an "extinct canine" that resembles the lovable breed of dog. Seeing as how Starfield has no other form of canine life in any of its other planets--trust us, we checked the Sirius system--it's a safe bet that dogs went extinct along with all other life when Earth was turned into an uninhabitable wasteland. The future just got much darker.

This is of course a problem that can be solved by modders, who have already managed to add Nvidia DLSS support to Starfield. If you're planning to explore Starfield this week when it officially launches and becomes available on Xbox Game Pass, you can also consult GameSpot's Starfield guides hub for tips and tricks. From here, you can find out the best skills to unlock, how to make money fast, and console commands if you're playing on PC.

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