Here's How To Print Infinite Money In Starfield


Starfield has only been in early access a few days, but some enterprising players have discovered an infinite money glitch. In fact, it's the very same glitch that players discovered in Skyrim.

In Skyrim and Starfield, vendors ply their wares from hidden chests, often placed underneath the map. If you can get to them, you can plunder the contents and come back when the vendor's supplies reset to grab even more stuff. In a video posted to their YouTube channel, vNivara describes a potential method for access those forbidden goods.

First up you'll need to have any jetpack with the Power Boost Pack trait and you'll also need your Boost Pack Training skill to be Rank 2, so that your pack uses less fuel. Then, you will have to hop to the commercial district in Jemisen. As the video shows, you'll have to navigate across dam close to where you spawn in. Then you can jump through a crack that leads underneath the game environment. From there, you'll make your way back to the commercial distinct to freely loot. According to user comments, these chests reset every 48 in-game hours, though you'll have to talk to the vendors again to activate the restock before descending below the game proper.

More glitches like this are sure to come to light as the game launches on September 6. vNivara has already found an additional vendor glitch. In other Starfield news, it turns out you can fly directly onto planets, you just probably don't want to. The game also has a cute Lord of the Rings reference, related to a certain ground vegetable.