Managers: Everything you need to know

We believe that every Manager should have a Sandlot Gamez profile. Here are just a few of our reasons:

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Supplement Major Tournaments with a more affordable and cost effective way of finding games.


Choose your opponent and play a team of the same  skill level, blowouts are not fun for anyone.

Effiecient scheduling system which sends instant notifications of games posted, games confirmed, and games canceled.

Send game requests to a specific team or a general request to all within the search criteria.

Select an umpire or no umpire at all.

Extensive network of coaches which allows you to find a number of games in and out of your area.

Keep track of team stats.

Block unwanted teams and umpires from future game requests.

Find warm up games when traveling out of area for a major tournament.

Contact a coach!

Lower team costs equals affordability for players and grants access to more families.

Standardized payments.These fees will be split evenly by the participating teams and paid at the home plate meeting before the start of the game.

Game Rules are to be played under NFHS for baseball and ASA for softball.

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Baseball Pay Structure

Innings 6 inn or 1 hr 45 mins 7 inn or 2 hrs 15 mins 9 inn or 2 hrs 30 mins
Umpire Pay $60 $70 $80
Cost Per Team $30 $35 $40

Softball Pay Structure

Innings 7 or 1 hr 15 mins
Umpire Pay $45
Cost Per Team $22.50