Tired of the high cost leagues or playing in meaningless overpriced tournaments for the sake of games? Save money and play in the tournaments that matter through Sandlot Gamez. COMING SOON, Sandlot Gamez will support coaches in becoming their own league director by aiding coaches in the set up of leagues amongst the teams and coaches that it chooses. For the cost of a $500 tournament, Sandlot Gamez will provides its members with an annual membership and 65 plus games. That’s one whole year of baseball at 75% the cost of a standard 5 game maximum 2-day tournament. Sandlot Gamez will allow coaches to keep track of records and stats that will be used in determining the qualifiers for the Sandlot Gamez Regional, Super Regional, and World Series tournaments. Plus upon the conclusion of a season there will be Sandlot Gamez All Star Selections.

PLAY in games against teams that are on the level of your choosing and PLAY in tournaments that mean something, for a fraction of the cost of other tournament organizations. Sandlot Gamez is placing the power and control of travel baseball back into the hands of coaches, while reviving the passion of the game back into the hearts of all.