Sandlot Gamez provides umpires with an abundance of coaches and teams who need officiating for scheduled games. Rather than relying on your local little league or area assigner, umpires can now access as many games as their schedule will allow.

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We believe that every umpire should have a Sandlot Gamez profile. Here are just a few of our reasons:

No assigner fees for every game that you work.

$50 annual registration fee is all it takes to create a profile. Keep more money in your pocket after a hard day's work.

Choose the types of games that you want to work based on your profile settings and receive instant notifications via email or text  of the games that meet your umpire settings. The number of notifications that you receive are based on your selection of age groups, sport, distance of travel, and length of game within your profile settings. Keep your settings open and receive a lot of notifications or narrow your settings to receive less.

Standardized payments eliminates the undercutting of payment to the umpires. These fees will be split evenly by the participating teams and paid at the home plate meeting before the start of the game.  BEST PART, no assigner fees to be paid afterwards!!

Game Rules are to be played under NFHS for baseball and ASA for softball.

Cancellation notices are sent out to the umpires instantly when a team backs out of a game.

Year Round work is available to all, weather permitting.

Baseball Pay Structure

Innings 6 inn or 1 hr 45 mins 7 inn or 2 hrs 15 mins 9 inn or 2 hrs 30 mins
Umpire Pay $60 $70 $80
Cost Per Team $30 $35 $40

Softball Pay Structure

Innings 7 inn or 1 hr 15 mins
Umpire Pay $45
Cost Per Team $22.50


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